Social Bookmarking Sites: What Are They and Their Uses?

Social Bookmarking Sites
Social Bookmarking Sites

What is social bookmarking?

Over time, social networks have turned into garbage cans of spam. Nevertheless, promotion with the help of such services and social bookmarking sites deserves attention as one of the tools of the optimizer, so we will consider it in this article.

According to Wikipedia, social bookmarking is a continuation and logical development of the idea of ​​bookmarking in a browser. Bookmarks in the browser are used to save links to pages that the user wishes to visit later. In contrast, social bookmarks are not stored on the hard drive of the client’s machine, but on a server on the Internet.

Social Bookmarking: Areas of Application

  • Quick indexing

This is the most important and absolutely indisputable point. When you run through your favorite portals or individual pages are indexed by search engines much faster, sometimes in one or two updates. Unfortunately, this method does not affect banned resources, but it is absolutely accurate for new satellites.

  • Visitors or traffic

Their inflow is small, but it is, and very high quality. On many services, your link goes to the main page of the social bookmark – which gives a tangible effect (unfortunately, this link goes nowhere in a couple of minutes). The best thing is to get into the column of portals that have the most bookmarks – but this is almost impossible such a column includes Yandex, Google, and others with thousands of selected pages.

  • Brand promotion

Link in social bookmarks affects the image. Plus your icon is untwisted, which also gives a good result. The social bookmarking sites help you in brand promotion by giving you an online presence so that the maximum audience can reach your brand.

  • Low-Frequency Promotion

The most famous social bookmarking services are often found in the top ten issuances of Yandex and Google. A user who clicks on such a link sees your portal and naturally goes to you. So bass and even some midrange can play into your hands. The main thing is to creatively write tags and the title of the pages you want to promote.

How to add a site to social bookmarks?

  • Manually – The most tedious way. It is good if you write high-quality posts, and you yourself will be added to bookmarks. And so this is a waste of a large amount of time.
  • Via plugins – Insert a special plug-in to your blog/website or use a service such as “All bookmarks with one button” and make it easy for users to add articles/news to your bookmarks.
  • Using special scripts – Demand gave birth to an offer, and today there are several scripts on the SEO market for bookmarking, in addition, there are optimizers on every forum for offers for a certain amount.

Next up are a few tips on how to make social bookmarking effective.

  • Before posting, make sure to create a link. You must follow basic principles – the title of the content must be attractive. Also, think about whether this name would catch you and whether it would be interesting for you to see what is hidden behind this name. Remember to give a specific name with key phrases.


  • Think about tags (keywords). Usually, this step is more important than the first. Rightly chosen tags are always good because these keywords are what you need. Do not forget that the more tags you come up with, the more your link will appear on the large pages of the social service. But do not get carried away – everything should be in moderation.


  •  Your profile must be complete. Do not be lazy – this is a very important point. Firstly, because there you can put a link to your website/blog. Secondly, because service admins sometimes ban accounts and a fully completed profile will allow you to insure from this very unpleasant moment.


  • Use various tags and descriptions for each bookmark.

Social Bookmarking Sites As a Marketing Tool

Most people bookmark the website because they find it worthy of attention. Save to then return to it at the first click. By making a social bookmark, you give other users the opportunity to follow your example. That is, indirectly recommend them sites including blogs. It offers you a great opportunity to influence someone else’s choice.

To make social bookmarking a marketing tool, you need to perform a series of actions.

  1. Prepare the link: give it the correct labels, compose a catchy attractive title, make a vivid description. Typically, the name of the bookmark matches the title of the blog post.
  2. Try to get as many people: The principle of social proof on the Internet works just as well as in the real world. Try to get your reach to the maximum audience.
  3. Increase the number of “friends”: In any social network there are people who sympathize with you. They may add you as “friends” without your knowledge if they are curious about your bookmark collection. Yes, and do not sit back: invite friends by e-mail, look for them among registered visitors on the social bookmarking site.
  4. Use a subscription: Many people do not go to the site for the account and follow the updates by subscription, choosing the tags they are interested in. So you can learn about new bookmarks in a particular category, from any user, from your “friends” or in the whole system.

Of course, representatives of the social bookmarking service are not interested in having their database clogged, so they are struggling with spam in every way. We urge you to moderation: try not to make too many bookmarks on one site or individual blog entries. It is much better to draw attention to a really outstanding post or page. Anyone interested in it will read the rest.

Allow your blog visitors to bookmark their favorite entry with one click. How? Simple and honest. At the end of the record, the buttons of several services are displayed, and by clicking on the desired one, the user will save the link to the record in his profile. There are ready-made plugins for inserting social service buttons into offline blogs.


In addition to the fact that social bookmarking sites can be effectively used to promote your site, they are simply convenient. Using social bookmarks, you can easily and quickly find interesting pages from any computer anywhere in the world. This is an effective tool you can use them to create your brand’s presence online.

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